Optimal image size for a specific article..

How to determine the optimal image size for a specific article? In principle, it is possible by eye measurement, if the screen size is 1024×768, then take the approximate size in the browser field and reduce the screen size. Let’s take into account the menu and the taskbar with that, these would be minus 15-20% to get a border width of 800px and a height of 600px, the entire visual content should be within these limits, less can be more, it’s not worth it. Usually 600×400 is the most. If you want to place the image in a certain place at a certain size, you can take specials. tool for web designers – ruler mySize (OC Windows) and directly in the browser measure the place where you want to insert the image. This is necessary so that you can see the proportions and if you need to crop the photo so that it does not flatten.

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