Changing the size and weight of images in Photoshop..

The size changes accordingly. Image(Image) – in the fields width and height, put the desired values in pixels, and in the field below keep the dimensions (preserves the dimensions) put a check mark.

By changing the weight, the image quality changes. For example, 5MB can freely lower the quality from 50 to 200 kv. The deterioration in image quality is not particularly noticeable. But the place is ten times less.

Weight changes online with Photoshop in several ways Image-Size if not reduced enough tion: File — Save for web & devices . In the window settings are shown in the upper right corner, there is a quality slider, in the lower left corner there is a sign of image weight. Set the quality to low – low, keep an eye on how much lower the weight is and move the slider to the desired value. You can do it like this: File-save as-a list of formats will appear, select for example Jpeg and then click ”save”, the JPEG settings window will appear. There is a slider in the image option window, moving it to see the correct numbers-how much weight.

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