Optimal image and photo size for website.

Digital images have their own dimensions and weight. For example, a standard image of good quality in JPEG format can weigh 5 MB mega bytes, and has dimensions of 4200×2800 px pixels in width and height. The standard resolution of the screen is also considered in pixels. The most popular sizes are 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×960. these sizes are used for the website.

Now, if you compare the resolution screen 1024×768 and the image size 4200×2800, it is clear that it is more than 2 times larger than the monitor itself, which means that the browser (Opera, Mozilla, etc.) compresses the image to the desired size, or the slider does not appear, and you have to scroll it. Depends on the site settings. In addition, only the visible dimensions of the image change.
Of course, you can cram the site like the dimensions, but these images take up a lot of space on the host because they weigh a lot. In addition, it slows down the search of browsers and computer visitors

Note media library

If you download images from the site, you should avoid downloading images with embedded location information (EXIF, GPS). Site visitors can download and extract any location information from site images.

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